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Volunteer List Serve

To join the Volunteer List Serve, please send a e-mail request to Cheryl Spencer

As the CHPCA has more than one List Serve, please indicate in your e-mail that you would like to become a member of the Volunteer Issues Interest Group List Serve.

Getting Involved

Looking for more information about hospice palliative care volunteers? Want to get involved? The hospice palliative care community needs you!

Why do people choose to be a hospice palliative care volunteer?

"Because it's fun," says Mary Jane. Mary Jane comes from a family with a long history of volunteering and spent her working life in community agencies where she was inspired by the contribution of volunteers. "I may be retired from work now," she says, "but I'm not retired from life." Mary Jane chairs the development committee, and is involved in many aspects of her provincial hospice palliative care association's fundraising activities. "When you volunteer, you choose a particular job because you like doing it, and it really is true that you get more out of it than you give."

"Because I know there's a real need for listening support for ill and grieving people and their families in the community," says Joan. Joan spends a morning each week in the office offering telephone bereavement support and helps to organize annual memorial services. Joan stresses that the continuing education she receives helps her to reach out to people, not just for her volunteer work but also in her daily life.

Whether you're a front-line volunteer caring for someone at the bedside, or involved behind the scenes with a local hospice palliative care organization there's something for everyone. For more information on how to join the ranks of the thousands of hospice palliative care volunteers in Canada search our to contact a local program or service in your community, or contact the provincial hospice palliative care associationin your province or territory.

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