Corporate Champion Registration

Become a Corporate Champion!

What is a Corporate Champion?

A Corporate Champion is a group of international and Canadian companies who whish to participate in and contribute to the discussion of hospice palliative care and caregiving issues in Canada.

Benefits of Being a Corporate Champion?

Some of the many great benefits of being a Corporate Champion include:

  • Access to the Canadian Compassionate Companies (CCC) program, including the ability to maintain ongoing CCC status.
  • Corporate Champions recevie all CHPCA communications including our newsletter, AVISO, monthly update, ehospice updates, and other important communications released by the CHPCA on current relevant issues in hospice palliative care.
  • Be kept up-to-date on current research findings.
  • Be kept informed of any relevant information pertaining to hospice palliative care, including issues around caregivers, policy, advocacy, grief and bereavement, and many other related topics.
  • Contribute to the dialogue of hospice palliative care around the country.
  • Access to campaign materials produced by CHPCA.
  • Discount in the CHPCA's marketplace on select items.

Who can join as a Corporate Champion?

  • Canadian companies with a history or interest in supporting hospice palliative care
  • International corporations with a history or interest in supporting hospice palliative care
  • Not-for-profit organizations with an interest in supporting hospice palliative care, but who DO NOT provide hospice palliative care programs or services (schools, municipalities, service clubs, churches, etc.)
  • Canadian Compassionate Company applicants and recipients

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