Award of Excellence


To recognize the outstanding national contribution of a CHPCA member who exemplifies professional and/or personal commitment and achievement in the field of hospice palliative care within Canada.

Past Award Recipients

2015 Brenda Hearson 2013 Paul Henteleff
2012 Pat Porterfield
2011 Dr. Mary Lou Kelley
2010 Fred Nelson
2009 Rose De Angelis
2008 Dale Orychock 2007 Dr Bernard Lapointe 2006 Dr Mike Harlos
2005 Dr S Lawrence Librach 2004 Jerry Rothstein 2003 Andrée Gauvin
2002 Dr Jose Pereira 2001 Laurie Anne O'Brien 2000 Dr Balfour M Mount
1999 Dr Elizabeth Latimer 1998 Helen Bateman 1997 Ina Cummings

Award Eligibility

The nominee is an exemplary CHPCA member whose excellence is devoted to hospice palliative care in Canada in either a paid or voluntary capacity. To be a recipient of this award, the nominee must have made an impact at the national level and contributed to the mission of CHPCA by enhancing the quality of life for individuals and their loved ones who are facing a life threatening illness and bereavement.

The award will be presented to only one individual in a given year and it is possible that it may not be granted every year.

Award Spirit:

  • Accomplished
  • Dedicated
  • Committed to excellence
  • Champion and friend
  • Compassionate and knowledgeable


Submitted nominations must include:

  • the completed Nomination Form signed by the nominee
  • two letters of support describing the nominee’s accomplishments, competencies and talents related to hospice palliative care
  • one copy of the current CV of the nominee • electronic copy of a recent photo of the nominee

Award Selection Committee:

The award selection committee will comprise of the CHPCA National Communications Committee and or designated regional alternate.

Selection Committee Role:

  • To review all nominations within a designated time frame
  • To objectively evaluate and score each nomination according to the agreed upon evaluation criteria.
  • To discuss, debate and build consensus around the annual Award recipient via scheduled meetings/teleconference discussions
  • To inform the CHPCA Executive Committee of decision
  • To develop and implement communications materials to leverage the Award Recipient Announcement which will coincide with the CHPCA AGM
  • To ensure the Award is prepared and presented at the AGM
  • To leverage and communicate the Award Announcement with key audiences including local media, CHPCA members and stakeholders.