National Carers Day

April 4, 2107 is National Carers Day!

National Carers Day 2017 Logo

Visit for a video statement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in tribute to the millions of carers in Canada.

Be a part of our celebration and emphasize the importance of carers all across our nation by:

1. Supporting the Prime Minister’s Statement

Write a press release. Applaud the Prime Minister on his recognition of carers and reinforce the vital role carers have in our society.

2. Raising awareness of Caring at Home 

Learn and share the valuable role carers play by supporting older adults with frailty, individuals with complex chronic disabling conditions and those at end-of-life.

3. Joining the national conversations

Tweet your support and recognition of carers who are providing essential care at home. Remember to add #thxcarers to your tweets. 

If you have any resources you would like to suggest for this section, please contact us.