Royal Alexandra Hospital Palliative Care Program

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What are your admission/referral criteria?

Referral by attending physician as we are a consult program.

How would you answer the following question if asked by a patient, client, resident and/or family?

“What can you do for me?”

As a consult team of palliative physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurse consultants working directly with individual hospital units' interdisciplinary team members, we provide support and suggestions to the physician caring for you and your family by managing symptoms such as pain, nausea, shortness of breath, anxiety and depression, coping with social and emotional distress, and facilitating discharge including referral to a palliative care unit.


By Dedicated Staff

Upon Request

In Program/Service

In Home

Animal Therapists





Art Therapists





Bereavement Coordinators





Bereavement Support





Child and Youth Coordinator/Counsellor





Clinical Counsellors





Complementary Therapists





Complementary therapies





Day Program













Educational Coordinators





Grief Group Facilitator





Home Consultation Services



Home Support (Homemaking)



Inpatient consultation





Inpatient Facility (PCU)





Music Therapists








Nursing Visits



Occupational Therapists





Outpatient Clinics





Personal Support Workers



Pain & Symptom Management













Physician Visits















Quick Response / Emergency Response










Respiratory Therapists





Respite Care



Social Workers





Social Work / Counselling





Speech / Language Therapists





Spiritual / Pastoral Care Workers





Spiritual / Pastoral Support





Volunteer Coordinators










Volunteer Support





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Access to interpreter services available.