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Life expectancy of 6 months or less



Trained facilitators lead a group of people who follow a specific program each week in order to learn to cope with their feelings and experience the beginning of the healing process.  This program required a firm commitment to attend all sessions.  The program is open to anyone over the age of 18 who is grieving a death.  It is recommended that at least three months have passed since the death.


Caregivers and family members may find the time following the death of a loved one to be wrought with a range of emotions and physical reactions.  They may also face a series of new and often difficult questions.  It is important in the grief journey that lies ahead to be able to talk about these experiences, reactions, and feelings.

If the person who has died is a client of the Near North Palliative Care Network, specially trained and compassionate volunteers are available for personalized support during the grieving period.  This is not intended to replace professional counselling services.

You do not have to grieve alone.

How would you answer the following question if asked by a patient, client, resident and/or family?

“What can you do for me?”

We provide a variety of support serives including:

Emotional Support:

It is the provision of sensitive listening and non-judgmental discussion. Taking cues from the client, this support can include:

  • Encouraging clients to take active roles in their own care
  • Acting as an advocate by ensuring the clients’ wishes are respected
  • Providing non-verbal support, e.g., holding a hand
  • Sharing an activity
  • Discussing illness openly*

Information Support:

It is the provision of support or a response to a client’s request for information and provides a climate of openness to client’s questions.

Physical Support:

The volunteer is expected to give physical care within the agency’s guidelines of a volunteer.  Hospice Volunteers also offer a compassionate response to a client’s physical and personal care needs which may include assisting with bed pans or urinals, ambulation to bathroom, positioning in bed and aspects of grooming.

Respite Support:

It is the relief provided to caregivers which helps to relieve the stress placed on the client’s family/friends/caregiver relationship.

Social Support:

The volunteer provides companionship to the client and support to the caregivers.

Spiritual Support:

The volunteer promotes spiritual support.  Spirituality as defined by the National Hospice Association is the part of each individual which longs for meaning, integrity, beauty, dignity, love, acceptance and hope.

Bereavement Support:

Hospice volunteers may offer support to caregivers and family after a death.   The support may include attendance at the funeral, follow-up telephone support, bereavement support resources material as well as information and/or referrals to other community bereavement resources.

Lending Library

We have an extensive library at the North Bay office containing both books and audio visual items. These provide support to caregivers as well as providing information on common grief experiences and other palliative care information. Some of this inforamtion can also be found at our West Nipissing and Mattawa location

Loan Cupboard

Bed Pans, Baby Monitors, Urinals, and Sheep Skins are available at no charge.



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Other (please specify): Please note that all of the above are provided by trained volunteers






Our mission is to enhance the comfort, dignity and quality of life of individuals with a terminal illness, and offer bereavement support throughout the community

Sa mission consiste à accroître le confort, à assurer la dignité et à améliorer la qualité de vie des malades en phase terminale, ainsi qu’à offrir du soutien aux endeuillés dans la communauté.