Max and Beatrice Wolfe Centre for Children's Grief and Palliative Care (division of Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care)

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What are your admission/referral criteria?

  • referral form must be completed by family or healthcare professional (family must reside within catchment area)
  •  Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care: Helping people who are living with and dying from a terminal illness

Whether in a patient’s home or in the hospital, our palliative care professionals work in consultation with the patient’s existing care team to provide the best possible care.

The Temmy Latner Centre has become one of Canada’s largest centres for palliative care. We offer a wide range of services for patients and those who care for them. We are unique from other palliative care programs in that we work mostly within the community in patients’ homes.

Our patient care, education and research activities all strive to ensure quality end-of-life care for people living with a terminal illness, allowing them to die with dignity and in comfort. We care for over 2,500 adults and children each year.

All our programs are available at no cost to patients and their families.  Contact us to find out if we provide service where you live, and how to make an appointment.

Support for patients and families

Care in your home
Our innovative Home Palliative Care Program supports people who are dying from a terminal illness and allows them to be cared for at home. Our doctors help manage the patient’s pain and other symptoms, coordinate their care, and support and educate both patient and family.

Care at Mount SinaiHospital
During their hospital stay, patients can request that one of our palliative care doctors become part of their health-care team. When the time comes for patients to return home, our team can facilitate a smooth transfer to our Home Palliative Care Program.

Care for children and their families
Our Max and Beatrice Wolfe Centre for Children’s Palliative Care and Grief is the only specialized centre in Ontariothat offers medical and counseling support for dying children and their families in their home. 

Our Dr. Jay Grief Program educates and supports children who have a loved one who is dying or who has died. We use creative approaches to help children learn about dying and death, and to encourage them to ask questions and explore their feelings. Our counselors also help adults learn to speak with children about dying and death. 

Educating health professionals

Our palliative care specialists are committed to sharing their extensive knowledge and experience with others. Through our affiliation with the Universityof Torontoand other education institutions, we teach over 1,000 health-care professionals about palliative care each year.

Our state-of-the-art Cathy Kelly Centre for Learning allows us to connect with education centres across the country, and we are directly involved in developing innovative education programs for medical students and other practicing health professionals.