Matthews House Hospice

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What are your admission/referral criteria?

  • Anyone with a life threatening diagnosis
  • Anyone caregiving for someone with a life threatening diagnosis
  • Anyone grieving a significant loss/ death/ impending death

How would you answer the following question if asked by a patient, client, resident and/or family?

“What can you do for me?”

We offer non-medical support for the individual and their family (whole unit of care)

Program streams offered include:

          a) Wellness activites (such as Reiki, Thereapeutic Touch, Reflexology, Tai Chi, Yoga, etc.)

          b) Education and Advocacy on Power of Attourney, Advanced Care Directives, Compassion Protocol, Exepected Death Protocol preparations

          c) In-home support, where ever home may be (visiting volunteers, assistance with transportation, etc.)

          d) Case Management with clients developing their own care plans and modifying planse as necessary

         e) Support groups for people diagnoses with a life threatening illness, support groups for those experincing grief/ bereavement, support groups for those caregving for someone with a life threatening illness

We emphasize changing care. These means the client is in control of their care plan and make the decisions in how their plan will unfold. Support is provided to the whole family, and family conferences are supported, when appropriate. A care team of support people is developed so support the transitions along the journey. A holistic view of the person is addressed both for the individuals and their families. A range of wellness, well-being, and enjoyable activities supplement the formal support programs offered.

The supports and programs offered aim to address the psychosocial, social, emotional support needs of our clients. 



By Dedicated Staff

Upon Request

In Program/Service

In Home

Animal Therapists





Art Therapists



Bereavement Coordinators

Bereavement Support


Child and Youth Coordinator/Counsellor

Clinical Counsellors

Complementary Therapists


Complementary therapies


Day Program










Educational Coordinators



Grief Group Facilitator




Home Consultation Services





Home Support (Homemaking)





Inpatient consultation



Inpatient Facility (PCU)





Music Therapists










Nursing Visits





Occupational Therapists





Outpatient Clinics





Personal Support Workers





Pain & Symptom Management















Physician Visits















Quick Response / Emergency Response










Respiratory Therapists





Respite Care




Social Workers





Social Work / Counselling





Speech / Language Therapists





Spiritual / Pastoral Care Workers





Spiritual / Pastoral Support





Volunteer Coordinators







Volunteer Support


Other (please specify):       






Volunteers may be able to support clients in other languages from time to time, depending on current pool of volunteers.

No ongoing translation services are available.