Maison McCulloch Hospice

Overview of programs and Services::
a) Interdisciplinary Education Program
Provides end-of-life training, education, and support to health care providers and caregivers.

b) Pediatric Care Program
Provides 24/7 nursing and personal support care to end-of-life children and youth between the ages of 12 to 18 years with a cancer diagnosis.

c) Residential Care Program
Provides 24/7 nursing and personal support care to 10 end-of-life residents, in addition to attending and on-call physicians, pharmacists, volunteers, supportive care, and grief & bereavement coordination.
Focuses on pain management, symptom control, and compassionate support.

d) Residential Hospice Service
Ensures residents and families have a supportive and caring environment.
Provides companionship and active listening, comfort measures, and caregiver respite services.
Assists with reception, administration, kitchen work, maintenance, gardening, and fundraising.

e) Shared Care Program
Manages the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of clients and families, in their homes, in consultation with other health care providers.
Coordinates care and provides education and additional support services to enable clients to live and die in the location of their choice.
Assists in the coordination of services such as psychosocial & spiritual support, grief & bereavement support, and visiting hospice services.

f) Supportive Care Program
Responds to the psycho-social, spiritual, and religious needs of the clients/residents, families, staff, and volunteers of the Hospice.
Provides guidance and grief & bereavement support (individual and group).
Hosts non-denominational Memorial Services twice a year.

g) Visiting Hospice Service
Offers compassionate bedside support, including social and emotional support, help with general activities of daily living, accompaniment of clients to appointments, and caregiver respite.
Available to individuals, regardless of their age, disease, or religion, whether it’s at home, in hospital, long-term care, or residential hospice.

What languages are your services offered in?:

Is your program designated as a hospice palliative care program/service?:

What population of hospice palliative care patients/clients does your program/service currently serve?:
Other (please specify):
12 years of age and older

What are your admission/referral criteria?:

Your hospice palliative care program/service provides support and/or care for the following:
Care for all conditions
Anticipatory Grief and Bereavement
Emotional/Spiritual Support
Other (please specify):
Families Requiring Respite

How would you answer the following question if asked by a patient, client, resident and/or family? "What can you do for me?":
Maison McCulloch Hospice is a centre of excellence dedicated to the collaborative delivery of quality hospice palliative care in both official languages in the Sudbury-Manitoulin District. The Hospice helps individuals and their families realize their full potential to live even when they are dying, by attending to their physical, psychosocial, spiritual, and practical needs, in the location of their choice.

Contact Information

1028 South Bay Road
Sudbury,  Ontario
P3E 6J7
Contact Name: Léo Therrien - Executive Director(eur) général
Phone: (705) 674-9252
Fax: (705) 674-5393


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