Hospice Greater Moncton/du Grand Moncton

Overview of programs and Services:
Our services are free and confidential.
Community In-home Palliative care
Caregiver Care
Bereavement Care
What languages are your services offered in?:
Is your program designated as a hospice palliative care program/service?:
What population of hospice palliative care patients/clients does your program/service currently serve?:
What are your admission/referral criteria?:
Self referrals accepted but must be under the care of Extra-Mural Nursing or a GP. our services are provided in th ehomes of our clients.
Your hospice palliative care program/service provides support and/or care for the following:
Care for all conditions
Anticipatory Grief and Bereavement
Emotional/Spiritual Support

How would you answer the following question if asked by a patient, client, resident and/or family? "What can you do for me?":

Volunteer visitors can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals. They pass screening and confidentiality requirements and receive detailed training to national standards of care. They are supportive, open and non-judgmental listeners.

Our coordinator will visit and match you with a volunteer with shared interests. The volunteer will visit in your home, and provide social, emotional and practical support, such as:
- provide companionship
- offer a compassionate listening ear
- share in meaningful activities

Services are provided in English and French. The program/service currently serves all ages. The program/service provides support and/or care for Care for all conditions, Anticipatory Grief and Bereavement, and Emotional/Spiritual Support.

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Contact Information

164 Collishaw St
Moncton,  New Brunswick
E1C 9R3
Contact Name: Joanne Adair - Executive Director
Phone: (506) 383-2404
Fax: (506) 383-6462


Chronic / Long Term Care Facility
Non-profit Organization / Health Charity
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