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How would you answer the following question if asked by a patient, client, resident and/or family?

“What can you do for me?”

 Palliative Care Services with Dignity and Compassion Include

  • Pain, medication and symptom management
  • Comprehensive personal care
  • Consultation with medical team
  • Family support every step of the way 24/7 support line

Evergreen Nursing Services values the right of your loved ones to pass with dignity and in the place of their choosing.

To provide you with the best end-of-life care and ensure top quality service, our palliative specialist nurses participate in continuous education and professional development through Vancouver Coastal Health's palliative care workshop. We also collaborate with community and healthcare agencies such as Vancouver Coastal Health's Home Hospice Palliative Care Program to keep our policies and practices up to date and to provide leading edge end-of-life care management.

Upon contacting Evergreen Nursing, you will meet with a palliative care consultant for a complimentary, frank consultation. During this assessment you explore your options for the best course of action. We then create a palliative care plan in collaboration with a community healthcare team to ensure the comfort of the patient as well as the peace of mind and the best experience possible for your family during this delicate and sensitive time.

Please call us at (604) 264-7959 or fill out the online inquiry form for more information and answers to your questions regarding our palliative services.

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